Kobe Bryant Lived Brilliantly!

- He shared his bright LIGHT and expanded this momentum of abundance across the entire globe.

The shocking news of Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing, feels heavier than a hard punch in the gut. It hit so close to home for almost all of us. Kobe is gone and it is so final. He made the appointment that he, nor any of us can refuse - death.

The little that I have seen and observed from a far, confirms that this dude lived a life on PURPOSE - the overwhelming responses to his death is symbolic to who he was, and even in death his torch is burning so brightly, it carries a resounding message.

While we all know, nothing leaves earth alive and we all have a number. When the news broke yesterday, many of us felt crippled and instantly became numb. My heart broke!

For me, I allowed myself sometime to process this, and in doing so, I was silently reminded that death on any level, serves as an opportunity to reflect on LIFE and the actual purpose of why I am here.

We often don’t appreciate life while it is walking and breathing among us. We often take our own lives, things and the people around us for granted. We tend to get so sucked up in our own affairs and miss key moments. In my reflection yesterday, I got this - death carries so many different meanings and messages. The biggest take away for me is - death is a wakeup call.

Each of us is here for a purpose. To follow a path of love, seek after passion and explore our deep desires. It is here we find the ideal life - where we can rightfully consume what’s rightfully ours, which is everything that’s good and plenty. We each have a unique calling, that’s directly linked to our desires and to our destiny. However, it is up to each of us to create time and space to figure out what this all means for us individually.

As we embark on this soul-searching trail, it opens us up to the deepest whispers and wishes within our hearts. This roadmap is the guiding light, I believe, that illuminates pathways to walk in passion, stand on purpose and live from our own inspired quest, which in turn inspires others. Kobe did just that. Even in the faces of naysayers, he exuded an awareness of grace, grit and bravery. He was a force to be reckoned with. He was our “Black Mamba.” He was like a bright LIGHT on a hill that could not go unnoticed. He was second to none. He was unmatched. His galaxy was enormously wealthy and he openly gave of himself.

It is here he brilliantly shared his LIGHT and expanded this momentum of abundance across the entire globe.

In the profound words of William Shakespeare - "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." Kobe, you did just that. You answered the call within and tapped into the reservoir where your deepest treasures abide. You opened the door to living, walking and breathing life into a life that was occupied with purpose. My brother, I believe one of the paramount message from your passing is crystal clear and rings loudly. You have left us a roadmap on how to live on purpose and what’s even more insightful - how to achieve this by following our own unique path that can and will lead us to fulfilling our own burning desires. In turn, we get to enjoy the promises that’s defined within our destiny. Yes, our destiny is up to us! Kobe, you did that.

However, what Kobe demonstrated even more thoroughly and thoughtfully – is how to get here. We must do the work.

In no stretch was his life "perfect" but he was perfectly, imperfect. In hindsight, Kobe was an evolved soul. Even in death, he continues to be a great planetary teacher. At a time when we are so divided and polarized as a nation, it feels like his death is serving as a unifier. People have taken a pause to give and project what we are longing for as a global community, from one to another – care, kindheartedness, love, compassion, sympathy and empathy. This shift in energy exchange and the elevated vibration seen across the globe is loving and it is remarkable to watch.

The title he held as the Black Mamba of Basketball went way beyond playing ball. It was an intriguing and fascinating lifestyle. He had a clear vision of tapping and working the human potential. He lived from that dynamic place within where greatness sings. He paid attention to his life’s calling and explored in real-time before all of us his genuine desires, passion and purpose for the life he had. What could be more rewarding, captivating, beautiful and POWERFUL to stand witness to another human being unleashing his own inborn and native abilities? Thank you for the lessons, Kobe.

When the soul has done its work here on earth, it makes its exit. It leaves. Kobe’s transition while sudden and deeply painful, offers us a curriculum. This lesson plan holds a legacy that extends beyond the lines of the basketball court. His life to me is like an encyclopedia - a book with so many astonishing chapters and lessons arranged by a pristine set of characteristic that breathes love, determination, devotion, discipline, principle, charm, inspiration, influence and grace. Kobe’s life was about doing the work. He did a lot. He gave of himself. He lived brilliantly. He has left us markers on how to get it done. We must do our work!

It is not for me to understand why this had to happen at such young age. It is for me to say, thank you, Kobe for your contributions. You exited this planet in true form – demonstrating loving support for your beloved daughter Gianna.

While I join his wife, kids, family, loved ones and the entire world in mourning for this tremendous loss. I am also seeing this as a wakeup call to tap my own innate resources to do my “small” portion that adds value and contributes to making our planet radiate even more - better and brighter.

So the question is - how can we in our own way, pick a page or two from Kobe’s book to continue his legacy of love, passion, purpose, zeal and commitment for our own lives and world at large? The world will not only thank you, it will love you for it.

What meaning does his death holds for you?

I must tell you; this hurts but the lessons here also sooths and heals.

I want to also pay my respect to all those who died in this horrible tragedy as well:

May your souls rest in the Sweet Grace of LIGHT and LOVE.

Bye, for now!



Certified Professional Life Coach. Ordained Minister of Spiritual Science.

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Lloyd S. Bailey

Certified Professional Life Coach. Ordained Minister of Spiritual Science.